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Lathe Cut Washers

Rubber Washers specialise in the manufacture of lathe cut product. Lathe cut washers are parted from rubber tube so have no flash, square edges and can be made from most rubber polymers including Nitrile, Buna, Neoprene, EPDM, Viton, Silicone, Natural and Polyurethane.

Many washers are punched from sheet which can lead to an apple core/hour glass effect on the edge as the cutting blade compresses the rubber before cutting through. Moulded washers tend to have flow marks, flash and feed points evident on the finished product.

Some washers cannot be lathe cut, either they are too thin or the inside diameter is too small to support the tube during cutting.

Typical uses of lathe cut washers

  • Oil filter and air filter sealing rings
  • Gas fitting seals
  • Aerosol can washers
  • Water fitting seals
  • Seal caps on chemical containers


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