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Polyurethane Washers

Polyurethane (PU) rubber compounds are renowned for there high tear strength and good wear resistance.  There are many grades and hardness variations to solve most applications with various formulations to meet specific requirements of temperature and chemical resistance.  Has low high temperature resistance of 80 °C for continuous applications.

Polyurethane is most specified for:

  • Abrasive resistance applications
  • Water and weathering resistance
  • Resistance to hydrocarbon fuels and mineral oils

Details of Polyurethane resistance to chemicals and temperature limits can be found in our Material Guide, we are able to provide more detailed information on specific chemicals if required.

Rubber Washers manufacture a wide variety of Polyurethane seals for many industry sectors especially where standard rubbers are unable to meet specific requirements.

Whatever your requirement, contact Rubber Washers for a quote.

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