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Welcome to Rubber Washers

Thank you for visiting our rubber washer store where we hope you will find all you need.  Buying washers online is easy and you do NOT need to open an account.  If you have any problems please feel free to call us, our number is at the top of the screen and on the contact page.

M2 – M36 Rubber Washers

Designed to fit on bolts and screws to provide cushioned and water tight seals. Available in form A and many other sizes.

M2 - M36 Rubber Washers

BS 746 Gas Fitting Washers

Table 8 and table 9 washers to fit on gas meter union and adaptor fittings.  Complies to BS EN 549 material specification and verified by BSI.

BS 746 Gas Washers

Other Stock Sizes

Other parts we keep in stock, various sizes and materials for all sorts of applications and uses.

Rubber Washers

Cable Gland Washers

We are currently working on keeping a supply of cable gland washers.  This will be available soon.

Rubber Washers


Screw Retaining Washers

Small washers used to keep screws and bolts located to ensure they don't fall out



Standard BSP Fitting Washers

These washers are designed to fit on or in standard BSP fittings, connectors and caps.

BSP Washer